Temporary Fence Rentals in Ottawa

Temporary Fence Rentals

Sometimes you need versatility on your construction site or perhaps you want to keep kids and adults safe without hurting themselves when they visit your site. You might also want to direct and control the number of crowds that enter your location irrespective of the special event you are organizing, but a permanent gate or fence is never an option in these instances. That’s when a temporary fencing solution comes into the picture.

Temporary – fencing solutions are fencing options that are used to secure an area for. Unlike permanent fencing, temporary fence solutions are mobile and durable, and they can be moved soon after installation. They can also be used for additional fencing.

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Temporary Construction Fencing - Fast & Easy Temporary Fencing

We deliver your temporary and decorative fence selection or crowd control barricades that provide additional security features right to your delivery address with low delivery charges. Wholesale pricing. Fast and easy shipping.

When it comes to perimeter security and crowd control, Elie’s Fencing Solution offers the safest, simplest, and most secure temporary fence solutions. Buy temporary fence panels in Ottawa and protect and manage the crowds at your construction job site, event venue, or any vacant lot at a price that you can afford. We deliver your temporary fe­nce panels or public safety barricades right to your location, so all you have to do is set your easy-to-manage fence panels up.

Whether you’re looking for a rental fence that is as durable as chain link, crowd control barriers that can direct the flow of pedestrians, or even privacy screening to discourage site theft, Elie’s Temporary Fence Company has the temporary fencing solution for you.

What can I use as a temporary construction fence?

Fence highlights the exact boundary of people’s properties, hence, the reason why people often erect security fence panels around their property.

Temporary types of fence are quite easy to set up, and as well, you can remove them with ease when done. But what type of temporary fencing option can you use? This is a big decision that should not be taken with levity, because you are going to have issues if you choose a fencing option that is not reliable. Below are the few available options you can choose from.

Welded Wire Panel

Speaking for temporary fence installation, the welded wire panel solution is a great choice. It is made of individual units which makes it easier to install.

Chain-Link Fence

The chain-link security fence panel is a perfect and one of the most popular temporary type of fence for people who need temporary security.

Plastic Fences

Plastic fencing is one of the budget-friendly temporary fencing options available to you. It’s primarily used for controlling crowd in public events, and certainly not a good fit for home use.

Wood Fences

This is also a decent choice to make. You can install a wooden type of fence for security, privacy or noise reduction.

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Why buy a temporary fence instead of renting a fence Ottawa?

Not only did Elie’s Fencing see a need in the temporary fencing market for a fencing solution that works, but also offered at a price point lower than any competitor. We saw that the chain link fence was often too cumbersome and heavy. So, we sourced and manufactured our wire mesh fence panels to be just as durable as chain link but to be lighter and simpler.

From that day on, we grew to service multiple industries that need temporary fence solutions—anything from construction to events and even other temporary fence company (and much more). Customer satisfaction is our priority, order temporary fence panels today and have rapid delivery to Ottawa.

With our rapid delivery rate and outstanding customer care, Elie’s Fencing is the best solution for buying a temporary fence in Ottawa. Combine that with our inventory and commitment to customer service, and you have the best fencing solution available for setting boundaries just a phone call away!

What are the costs involved in renting construction fence?

Planning for a construction project can be daunting and thought-provoking, but settling for a temporary construction fence rental is likely to be your go-to option as fencing is one of the first things to consider in your construction project planning phase.

However, understanding the cost considerations like the average cost for rentals, portable storage cost, project cost, cost of fuel, cost per panel, decorative purposes cost, among others is very important as it depends on the length of your project and the job sites, although rates may differ from project to project.

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