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fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa
fence builders ottawa

Fence Installation in Ottawa

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the deck and fence industry, established with 20 years of experience!

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Ottawa’s Top Fencing Company 

Elie’s Fencing Solutions is a reputable, family-owned and operated fencing company that has been serving Ottawa residents for over a decade. We specialize in creating and installing high-quality fences, carefully tailored to the unique needs and tastes of our clients. With unrivaled expertise in fence creation and installation, we have risen through the ranks to become the trusted contractor for fence installation in Ottawa.

Our commitment to excellence and quality is more than just constructing fences. It’s also about building enduring relationships with our customers through honesty, integrity, and superior fence installation service. We specialize in fence installation for a range of properties. These include residential properties, commercial areas, industrial facilities, and government properties.

Trusted Ottawa Fence Contractor

We wear the title of Ottawa’s top fencing company with pride. Here at Elie’s Fencing, we’re known for turning simple yards into picturesque landscapes with our good-looking and sturdy fences. But what really sets us apart is more than just our fencing prowess – it’s the love and respect we show to every yard we work on, and the good old-fashioned principles of quality and punctuality we stick to.

Indeed, we value every single thumbs up we get from our customers and each kind of recommendation they pass on – it’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps our tools buzzing. After all, it’s not just about building fences, but about building lasting relationships with Ottawa residents.

So Elie’s Fencing is not just a fence installer; we are an integral part of the Ottawa community, dedicated to improving the security, aesthetics, and value of its properties. If you are looking for a reputable company with years of fence installation experience, the search ends here. Contact us today to experience the industry leader in fencing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Our Fencing Services

Putting up a fence around your property is a great move, and frankly, it’s a pretty big deal! Besides giving your place a dash of charm and elegance, it secures your space and offers a nice little privacy bubble. But let’s be real, there are many types of fences, and selecting the perfect one and making sure it’s installed just right can be a bit of a headache. That’s where getting pros involved makes a world of difference.

Generally, roping in experts like the folks from Elie’s Fencing Solutions could be your best bet for your fencing adventures. So, let’s go fencing, shall we? Here are the six types of fences we can help you install in your home, commercial or industrial facility.

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PVC Fence

Our PVC fences are renowned as the strongest fences on the market. We go above and beyond standard offerings by using heavy-duty H posts spaced 6’ apart, as opposed to the 8’ spacing used by many competitors. This means more posts per foot and a fence that is 30% stronger.
Designed to resist higher wind loads for an extended period, our PVC fences are a testament to resilience and longevity. Do you remember the May 22nd, 2022 wind storm? Ottawa experienced about 190 kmh (114mph) wind gusts. And approximately 98% of all our PVC fences withstood such extreme weather conditions.
With zero maintenance requirements, these types of fences can save you a lot of money over a lifetime. After all, you will never have to treat it, paint it or apply any form of varnish. Considering vinyl fences are highly resistant to UV light, yours won’t fade over time. Once our fence company installs it, all you need to do is a quick wash, and will always look brand new – even over a decade down the road.

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a fence made out of stone and wood by fence builders ottawa.

Simtek Fence

Simtek fences provide the look of natural stone with lifetime durability. We offer a lifetime warranty on our Simtek fences, underlining our commitment to long-lasting quality. With stunning beauty and the ability to block 98% of direct sounds, our Simtek fences offer both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.
Available in six designer granite colors – Brown Grey, Beige, Black, Desert, and White – there’s a Simtek fence to match every home’s style. So let our professionals help you transform your home’s exterior with our durable and elegant Simtek vinyl fences. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and our experts will help you choose the right Simtek vinyl fence for your home. Experience Elie’s Fencing difference, where customer satisfaction, quality, and timely fence installation in Ottawa are our priority.

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Iron Fence

Our iron fences are celebrated for their elegance and beauty. Fabricated from either galvanized or a combination of galvanized and aluminum steel tubing, they are robust, reliable, and resilient. Our iron fences are finished with a super durable polyester powder coat with enhanced UV protection, maintaining their vibrant look throughout the seasons.
So elevate your property’s aesthetics with ornamental iron fencing from Elie’s Fencing. Our iron fences will enhance your yard’s beauty while ensuring unparalleled durability and protection. We install iron fences in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. And we pride ourselves on providing top-quality iron fences that will last decades.

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Chain-Link Fence

Chain-Link Fences from Elie’s Fencing Solutions offer a secure, low-maintenance option for long-term use. Available in a range of colors and grades, including green, black, white, and brown, our Chain-Link Fences are a popular and affordable choice for residential and commercial properties.
Generally, chain link fences are affordable and require minimal maintenance. Contact us today to discover how cost-effective and low-maintenance chain link fencing can transform your home. So choose Elie’s Fencing for the most affordable and effective chain link fence installation in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

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a wooden fence constructed by fence builders ottawa in a yard with plants and shrubs.

Wood Fence

Wooden fences provide natural beauty and quality security. They offer privacy, and aesthetic appeal, and are available in a range of styles and types of wood to complement any home. The popularity of our wood fences lies in their natural beauty and their versatility of style and height. In fact, they are still a popular choice among property owners looking for fence installation in Ottawa.
Whether you prefer the practicality of pressure-treated wood or the durability of cedar, our team of professional fence installers will help you find the right wood fencing solution for your home or commercial property. Indeed, we are committed to installing quality wood fences that will complement your home.

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Temporary Fence Rentals

Elie’s Fencing Solutions also offers temporary fence rentals. These mobile, durable fencing options are ideal for securing areas for short-term use. Unlike permanent fencing, these temporary solutions can be moved soon after installation and can also serve as supplementary fencing for events, construction sites, and more.
With our temporary fence rentals, you will have the versatility you need on your construction site or any other area that doesn’t require a permanent fence. Such fences are also a perfect option if you want to control a crowd entering a specific location where a permanent fence isn’t an option. At Elie’s Fencing, we deliver temporary and highly decorative fence selection as well as crowd control barricades. Just contact us – we will listen to your needs and provide the best temporary fence option.

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Why You’ll Love Our Fence Installation Services in Ottawa

At Elie’s Fencing Solutions, we see a fence as way more than just a border around your property. To us, it’s like an extension of your home, a way of expressing your personal taste, and a symbol of your focus on safety and privacy. Here’s why you may want to consider us for fence installation in Ottawa or the surrounding area.

Top-Notch Fences

Our professional fence installers don’t skimp on fence materials. Only the best of the best go into crafting fences that don’t just catch the eye, but also stand tall and sturdy through seasons, come rain or shine. That means you will get high-quality fences, whether you prefer wood, iron, chain link, Simtek, or PVC fencing.

Our Seasoned professionals for Fence Installation in Ottawa

Our team has been in the fence game for over a decade, sharpening their skills and gaining deep insights into what makes clients smile with satisfaction. When it comes to exceeding customer expectations, we’ve got it down to a science and art of an exceptional fence repair and fence installation service. 

Our Craftsmanship Rocks!

Every single fence we put up reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship. We take a moment to walk in your shoes, understand exactly what you need, and then bring your fence to life with an eye for detail and a touch of love and care. The moment you choose us for fence installation in Ottawa, rest assured of getting a fence that exceeds your expectations.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

At Elie’s Fencing, we firmly believe that everyone deserves excellent customer service and quality fencing solutions at an affordable price. So, we have priced our fence repair and installation services competitively (competitive pricing), making sure you get professional work and quality materials without breaking the bank. So you can have peace of mind knowing that our professional team will use quality products to transform your outdoor space. 

We’re here for you

Elie’s Fencing Solutions is not just about the professional installation of fences; we are a dedicated crew of professionals passionate about delivering top-tier service. Whether you are dreaming of a fancy new fence or looking to spruce up the existing one, we have got your back. We are all about offering advice, lending a hand, and crafting fencing solutions that fit you like a glove.

Don’t be shy to drop us a line for any of your fencing queries – we’re all ears and ready to help. Together, let’s create fences that stand tall as symbols of our mutual commitment to quality, durability, and beauty.

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Satisfied Customers​

Eli and his work crew quickly completed our large fence project in.a week’s time. Our neighbors and us were happy with the workmanship and final product. Eli is a nice guy who responded to all of our on going questions
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Angie B.Ottawa
When we were looking for Simtek Fencing, there were only a few companies in Ottawa who could install it because of the complexity. After getting a few quotes we decided to go with Elie’s Fencing Solutions.. Elie and his crew arrived on time and did the work in a reasonable time. Mother nature wasn’t on their side but the work got done. Had an issue with one of the posts but Elie’s came back and fixed it with no questions asked. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family. Thanks
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It is rare to find a company that truly honest with their prices and services. We are happy and satisfied with our fence. What I liked the most is that they started and finished on time. Highly recommend Elie’s Fencing Solutions.
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Mr. YounessSouthKeys

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