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Whether you are looking for fence ideas, researching for a contractor to custom built your dream composite deck, cedar or treated you have come to the right place! Elie’s Fencing offers the highest quality fences. We use the most up to date methods of construction on all of our deck and fence projects. Our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best fence company in the area.

A residential backyard featuring a swimming pool with a chain-link safety fence around it and a dining area with a table and chairs on a stone patio.

Chain-link Fence

Our chain link fence styles offer long term security with no maintenance and they are all available in your choice of colors and grades. Our chain link fencing is available in green, black, white and brown. It is the most popular and affordable residential option.

A cedar fence with a landscaped garden bed containing various shrubs and plants, mulched with wood chips.

Wood Fences

For natural beauty and quality wood fencing offers security, privacy, and beauty in a wide range of styles and types of wood to compliment any home. The natural beauty of a wood fence remains a popular choice in residential property. It is available in variety of styles and heights.

A backyard with tan fences.

PVC Fence

Our PVC fence is made in Canada making it the most affordable PVC fence. Our PVC fence is the strongest fence on the market and comes with lifetime warranty from manufacturer.

A stone fences in a backyard.

Simtek Fence

An excellent investment to surround your home. Get the look of natural stone with a lifetime warranty. Stunning beauty and lifetime durability. Block 98% of direct sounds and available in six designer granite colours

A backyard with a pool and fences.

Iron Fence

Iron fence has been the choice of so many homeowners. They are known for the beauty and the elegance. Our product is fabricated from either galvanized, or a combination of galvanized and aluminum steel tubing.

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A well-designed and constructed deck can significantly enhance your outdoor living space, providing a comfortable and inviting area to relax, entertain, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. At Elie’s Fencing Solutions in Ottawa, we specialize in creating stunning fences and decks, expertly crafting outdoor spaces that enrich our clients’ lives. One of the most sought-after decking solutions in today’s market is composite decking, which offers numerous benefits in aesthetics, durability, and maintenance.

Composite decking is made from a blend of wood fibres and recycled plastics, delivering the warmth and natural appearance of wood combined with the durability and low maintenance of plastics. With a wide range of colours, textures, and styles, composite decking presents homeowners with a versatile option for creating their perfect outdoor oasis.

At Elie’s Fencing Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the wide range of available composite decking products and guiding you through the design process to ensure your new deck is tailored to your specific preferences and needs. Our focus on superior craftsmanship and our commitment to client satisfaction means you can trust our team to skilfully install and finish your composite deck, elevating your outdoor living experience.

Understanding the Benefits of Composite Decking

a backyard deck with black railings and steps made of composite decking leads from a higher level off the house down to a lower-level platform. the deck is next to a paved patio area.
Elevate your outdoor living with elie's fencing solutions composite decking solutions 1

Composite decks has gained popularity among homeowners, and for good reason. This versatile and low-maintenance deck material provides several significant benefits that set it apart from traditional wood:

1. Durability

Composite decking is the perfect choice for homeowners seeking durable, long-lasting decking material. It is resistant to insect damage, splintering, and rotting. The combination of wood fibers and plastics creates a highly weather-resistant surface that can withstand harsh Canadian winters and hot summers without warping, cracking, or fading.

2. Low Maintenance

Compared to traditional wood decking, which requires regular maintenance like staining, sealing, or painting, composite decking is a low-maintenance alternative. Stain and fade-resistant composite decking only requires periodic cleaning with soap and water to maintain its pristine appearance.

3. Sustainable

Composite decks utilizes recycled wood and plastic materials, diverting waste from landfills and reducing the need for harmful deforestation. By choosing composite decks homeowners can contribute to a more sustainable future without compromising their outdoor living space’s beauty and functionality.

4. Design Versatility

Composite decking materials are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, making it easier to create a deck that complements your home’s existing design. With options that mimic the appearance of natural wood, modern monochromatic designs, and various finishes, composite decks allows you to create the perfect outdoor living area tailored to your preferences and vision.

Choosing the Right Composite Decking for Your Space

a gray composite decking with a black metal railing, connected to a house with beige siding. the deck features a set of stairs leading to a grassy area below.
Elevate your outdoor living with elie's fencing solutions composite decking solutions 2

Composite decking options are manifold, but there are several factors to consider:

1. Material Quality

While composite deck is well-known for its durability, not all products on the market offer the same performance and longevity. When choosing a composite decking material, focus on high-quality products backed by a robust warranty. Evaluate aspects such as fade, stain, scratch resistance, and overall weather resistance.

2. Colour and Finish

Choosing an appropriate colour and finish may impact your deck’s overall aesthetic. Consider a colour that harmonises with your outdoor space to complement your home’s existing design and landscape. Additionally, keep in mind that lighter colours typically remain cooler under the sun, while darker shades provide a more modern and sophisticated appearance.

3. Board Type

Composite decking typically comes in two styles: solid and hollow boards. Solid boards are more robust and provide a more wood-like appearance and feel, while hollow boards are lighter, more straightforward to install, and may be more budget-friendly. Consider the type of board that best suits your personal preferences and installation needs.

4. Accessories

Accessories such as railings, post caps, and deck lighting can enhance your deck’s visual appeal and functionality. When selecting the right composite decking for your space, consider the availability of matching accessories and features that align with your outdoor living area vision.

Professional Design and Installation

backyard with partially constructed deck featuring wooden framework and various tools and materials laid out, preparing for the installation of composite decking.
Elevate your outdoor living with elie's fencing solutions composite decking solutions 3

Elie’s Fencing Solutions understands that achieving the perfect deck involves more than choosing the right composite decking material. Our team of skilled professionals will assist you through the design process to ensure that your new deck reflects your preferences and enhances your existing outdoor space.

Our expert installation services ensure a flawless finish and long-lasting enjoyment of your outdoor living area. You can trust our experience and commitment to quality as we make your dream outdoor retreat a reality.


Investing in composite decking is investing in a beautiful, durable, low-maintenance outdoor living space that will stand the test of time. At Elie’s Fencing Solutions, we understand the significance of creating inviting and comfortable outdoor areas where memories can be made and special moments shared. 

Trust our composite decking design and installation expertise to elevate your property’s aesthetics, functionality, and value. Contact Elie’s Fencing Solutions today to discuss your decking project and begin the journey to transforming your outdoor space with a stunning composite deck in Ottawa.


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